Octopus Labs Careers Video

Octopus Labs (an arm of Octopus Finance) brought me back to their midst to hang out with the team and talk to them about their careers there. They talked about what they loved about their jobs and also what they got out of working with their colleagues. This resulting video, shot using my new 4K Canon EOS 1D-C rig, was made to show potential recruits what it’s like to work with the Octopus team.

Octopus Labs Careers Photos

Octopus Labs (an arm of Octopus Finance) brought me into their lively vibrant offices to capture what it’s like to be part of their team. The shoot allowed me to meet many of the staff and work with them to photograph a range of scenes typical of a working day there. It’s a colourful and well lit environment so was easy to steer clear of anything overtly corporate. Originally posted here.