Summer of Sport

These are some short films I commissioned and produced with Chocolate Films. They show some activities I ran at the Science Museum during the 2012 London Olympics as part of our ‘Summer of Sport’ programme.

Is dancing really a good form of exercise? Find out with the salsa dancing scientists from Kingston University.

Elite athletes are lucky enough to have their running shoes made especially for them. Will this technology take the leap to the high street? Scientists from Loughborough University see what difference shoes can make in your performance.

How do scientists monitor athletes performing at breakneck speed without slowing them down? Scientists at Imperial College created small, smart sensors that give the low-down on health and performance without big bulky kit. See their sensors in action and meet the minds behind them.

Kung Fu Schools

I’ve worked with Kung Fu Schools in and around London for several years, producing many short films.

Some of these introduce the different schools, instructors, classes and advantages of the practice.

We also had the chance to work with the Confucius institute of China on several occasions.

All the¬†educational and promotional videos I’ve produced for Kung Fu Schools can be found here.