Talkaoke at Festival of Genomics – London

The Festival of Genomics brings together pioneers, innovators, researchers, stakeholders, policy makers and members of the public who all have a shared interest in the field of Genomics.
Here you can see video archive of some of the Talkaoke talk shows I hosted with Mikey from The People Speak.

3D printing Guinness World Records

3D printing Guinness World Records

I have written some short articles for the 2016 and 2017 editions of the Guinness Book of World Records. These records all concern 3D printing and include…

  • First 3D-printed car
  • First village to 3D-print all of its residents
  • First 3D-printed dress
  • First object 3D-printed in space
  • Smallest working power tool
  • First 3D-printed bionic organ
  • Most 3D printed 3D printer
  • Most popular 3D printed medical device
  • Fastest 3D printed running robot
  • Smallest 3D printed medical device
  • Fastest 3D printed object in water
  • Largest 3D printed boat
  • Largest object 3D printed in metal
  • First 3D printed motorcycle
  • Most powerful rocket to use 3D printing
  • First 3D printed pills

Science Museum News posts – 2015 (part 2)

Science Museum News posts – 2015 (part 2)
  • Civil Aviation Authority prohibits drones from flying too close to airports
  • Sections of solar plane journey will take days, so pilot only takes 20-minute naps
  • UK-built firsts on Bloodhound include a jet, a rocket, software and 3D-printed components
  • Health experts test for disease-carrying insects at seaports and airports
  • Russian space agency says failed rocket burned up in the atmosphere
  • Scientists say animal welfare has improved greatly
  • Philae lander is equipped with drills, radar, lasers and chemical probes
  • Pope Francis argues that we need to invest more in renewable energy

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You Have Been Upgraded

You Have Been Upgraded was a festival of human enhancement held at the Science Museum in March 2015. The festival transformed part of the Museum into a futuristic expo of biotechnology, featuring a mix of scientists, experts, artists and a bold theatrical performance.

Created by the Science Museum in collaboration with Unlimited Theatre, You Have Been Upgraded imagined a world where biotechnologists were elevated to rock star status by a new mega-company. Festival visitors entered a world where the boundaries of what it means to ‘be a normal human’ are broad, flexible and highly personal.

I commissioned and oversaw production of this short film made by Chocolate Films.

Science Museum News posts – 2015 (part 1)

Science Museum News posts – 2015 (part 1)
  • Kepler space telescope helps experts create a ‘star clock’
  • New antibiotic discovered by digging in soil
  • 20 minutes of light exercise each day could stave off preventable diseases
  • GM bugs have custom built-in code that stops them sharing their artificial DNA
  • Some very bright people suggest we should be worried about AI
  • Facial recognition is so efficient a smartphone could recognise billions of faces
  • UK sugar regulations are tougher than the World Health Organization’s guidelines
  • DeepMind gave AI classic games to explore, it can now beat humans at most of them
  • Electricity from new tidal power station cheaper than from nuclear

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Science Museum News posts – 2014 (part 2)

Science Museum News posts – 2014 (part 2)
  • Researchers used MRI to look at the part of the brain responsible for dishing out rewards
  • Doctors stress that with radiation therapy timing is everything
  • Genetic researchers find tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabacum) easy to experiment on
  • Mangalyaan probe cost $74 million, around $600 million less than NASA’s Maven Mars orbiter
  • At 2500 km wide an unnamed feature covers 17% of the Moon
  • The Wellcome Trust spends £4 million studying how neuroscience can improve education
  • People whose symptoms could be linked to Ebola will be asked questions about their travel history
  • 4.5 gigawatts of wind power provided energy to millions of British homes daily
  • Comet lander Philae didn’t fire harpoons, so it’s only held down by the comet’s weak gravity
  • About 500 camera feeds from the UK are leaked, from homes, businesses and even a gym
  • Volunteers received a large or small test dose of an Ebola vaccine to test its safety
  • EU court judgement suggests employers unfairly required to cater for the needs of obese people

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Science Museum News posts – 2014 (part 1)

Science Museum News posts – 2014 (part 1)
  • Big plans for medical data, it may be anonymous, but people can still opt out if they wish
  • Being cold makes your ‘brown fat’ generate a lot of heat
  • Effect of new pills to help focus only seem to work in men
  • Facebook collaborated with Cornell and California Universities to study 689,000 users
  • Participants in a test self-reported their results, then examiners tested how honest they were
  • There is no vaccine or cure for Ebola, but it can only infect other people via bodily fluids
  • Unsurprisingly, young people use technology more, with 6-year-olds being as savvy as 45-year-olds
  • GM flies produced by researchers have ‘pre-pupal female lethality’
  • Each year obesity may be responsible for 12,000 cancer cases in the UK
  • Botox disrupts the vagus nerve, which goes from the brain to the stomach
  • Researchers used optogenetic switches, which control neurons (brain cells) with coloured light

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