3D printing Guinness World Records

3D printing Guinness World Records

I have written some short articles for the 2016 and 2017 editions of the Guinness Book of World Records. These records all concern 3D printing and include…

  • First 3D-printed car
  • First village to 3D-print all of its residents
  • First 3D-printed dress
  • First object 3D-printed in space
  • Smallest working power tool
  • First 3D-printed bionic organ
  • Most 3D printed 3D printer
  • Most popular 3D printed medical device
  • Fastest 3D printed running robot
  • Smallest 3D printed medical device
  • Fastest 3D printed object in water
  • Largest 3D printed boat
  • Largest object 3D printed in metal
  • First 3D printed motorcycle
  • Most powerful rocket to use 3D printing
  • First 3D printed pills

3D: printing the future


October 2013 saw the opening of ‘3D: printing the future’, an exhibition all about the explosion of 3D printing. With my colleagues we researched the most interesting commercial, industrial and medical applications whilst delving into personal stories of the pioneers, innovators and early users of 3D printed applications.

The exhibition ran for over a year and it’s hard to convey the excitement of knowing that millions of visitors would have seen my handiwork.

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