Animation workshop at Imagine Children’s Festival 2016

I ran a playshop (workshop for you stick-in-the-muds) for children at the Imagine Children’s Festival 2016 which took place in the Southbank Centre. With some assistants from the London College of Communication and Westminster University we taught groups of about ten aged five or more the basics of stop motion animation.

The first step was to come up with a very simple story, something character driven where an event happens to them or because of them.

Then we created articulate characters and props from card and paper. We brought these to life using a lit green screen with a DSLR camera taking pictures from above. The images went straight to a laptop which swapped out the green screen for a photographic background.

Here’s all the animations together!

Talkaoke at Festival of Genomics – London

The Festival of Genomics brings together pioneers, innovators, researchers, stakeholders, policy makers and members of the public who all have a shared interest in the field of Genomics.
Here you can see video archive of some of the Talkaoke talk shows I hosted with Mikey from The People Speak.

You Have Been Upgraded

You Have Been Upgraded was a festival of human enhancement held at the Science Museum in March 2015. The festival transformed part of the Museum into a futuristic expo of biotechnology, featuring a mix of scientists, experts, artists and a bold theatrical performance.

Created by the Science Museum in collaboration with Unlimited Theatre, You Have Been Upgraded imagined a world where biotechnologists were elevated to rock star status by a new mega-company. Festival visitors entered a world where the boundaries of what it means to ‘be a normal human’ are broad, flexible and highly personal.

I commissioned and oversaw production of this short film made by Chocolate Films.

Robot Safari

Over 6,000 people visited Robot Safari EU, a fantastic landscape inhabited by robots based on wild animals and plants from 30 November – 1 December 2013.

Visitors explored how nature can inspire innovative designs, watching as 13 unique robots swam, flapped and crawled their way around a unique safari experience. Many of the robots were on show to the British public for the first time.

I commissioned and produced this promotional and retrospective short film with Chocolate Films.

LIFE: A healthy game of chance and choice

In June 2013 the Science Museum teamed up with the Medical Research Council (MRC) and theatre company non zero one to create ‘LIFE: A healthy game of chance and choice’.

Visitors picked up a paper ‘Pal’ and took them on a journey through LIFE. The aim of the game was to find out what is important for a long and healthy life. LIFE featured live games with MRC scientists, interactive theatre and a series of short talks.

I produced and shot this short retrospective film for the Science Museum, MRC and Non Zero One.


Over 12,000 visitors flocked to ZombieLab to explore the science of consciousness and the implications of a zombie attack!

The ‘outbreak’ began at one of the Museum’s popular Lates events on 30 January, continuing across the following weekend (2-3 Feb 2013). ZombieLab featured interactive live games, mass experiments, a series of short talks and a zombie trial.

I commissioned and oversaw production of this short film made by Chocolate Films.

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Summer of Sport

These are some short films I commissioned and produced with Chocolate Films. They show some activities I ran at the Science Museum during the 2012 London Olympics as part of our ‘Summer of Sport’ programme.

Is dancing really a good form of exercise? Find out with the salsa dancing scientists from Kingston University.

Elite athletes are lucky enough to have their running shoes made especially for them. Will this technology take the leap to the high street? Scientists from Loughborough University see what difference shoes can make in your performance.

How do scientists monitor athletes performing at breakneck speed without slowing them down? Scientists at Imperial College created small, smart sensors that give the low-down on health and performance without big bulky kit. See their sensors in action and meet the minds behind them.