Hosting discussions at Being Human Festival

The Human Mind Project runs an annual festival called Being Human. This year at Senate House I worked with Guerilla Science and The People Speak to open up discussion about artificial intelligence and creativity.

Speakers at the conference included Margaret Boden, Simon Colton, Berys Gaut and artist Aura Satz.
After addressing the audience on their topics, ranging from A.I. research to creativity, there was a brief Q&A before everyone broke out into small groups.

The speakers joined hosts, including myself and the groups took turns engaging the speakers in an informal and conversational way. This way people could ask questions about a wider range of topics than what was discussed on stage.

We also had a very talented illustrator, Cat Faulkner who was live-illustrating the conversations.
I hosted Margaret Boden and Simon Colton, our groups talked about a wide range of things relating to their research. My particular favourite topic was on the ethics of artificial creative agents, if a machine creates something of it’s own accord, who owns the copyright?

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