3D: printing the future


October 2013 saw the opening of ‘3D: printing the future’, an exhibition all about the explosion of 3D printing. With my colleagues we researched the most interesting commercial, industrial and medical applications whilst delving into personal stories of the pioneers, innovators and early users of 3D printed applications.

The exhibition ran for over a year and it’s hard to convey the excitement of knowing that millions of visitors would have seen my handiwork.

Here you can explore the exhibition from the comfort of your home, these PDFs include all the original text and images of objects we had on display. Please feel free to share these, print them, or even use them as school resources as 3D printing is now on the UK national curriculum!

Print it
Find out about 3D printers, from basic home models to industrial machines.


Perfect it
Find out how 3D printing is helping designers and engineers to make things that are lighter, more sustainable and cheaper.


Heal it
Find out how medical specialists are using 3D printing to create bespoke implants and medical parts.


Try it
Find out how artists, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from all over the world are using 3D printing.


And these documents explain more about how 3D printing could shape your future.

3D Printing the Future of Industry: Find out more about the 3D printed technology you could encounter in the future.

3D Printing the Future of Medicine: Find out what new 3D printed treatments could do for you.

3D Printing the Future of Shopping: Find out what some experts think a shopping trip might be like in a 3D printed consumer future.

We had a crazy amount of news coverage on-line, in the press and on TV and radio.
Some places that reported on the exhibition include Gizmag, The Guardian, The Mail and The Register.
Here’s what T3 though about the exhibition.

And here’s an interview I gave for BBC Africa.

The exhibition and accompanying website included a lot of video content too, if you find them interesting please feel free to share them.

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