Octopus Labs Careers Video

Octopus Labs (an arm of Octopus Finance) brought me back to their midst to hang out with the team and talk to them about their careers there. They talked about what they loved about their jobs and also what they got out of working with their colleagues. This resulting video, shot using my new 4K Canon EOS 1D-C rig, was made to show potential recruits what it’s like to work with the Octopus team.

East, West and Global Souls with Elif Shafak

This August I was honoured to spend an evening filming a talk by the award-winning Turkish novelist and public intellectual Elif Shafak. The evening was organised by CARAVAN, an East-West peacebuilding celebration of art and thought. The evening included a lecture, conversation and audience Q&A, Elif focused on building bridges, not walls. Elif Shafak was also awarded the first CARAVAN Award for Peacebuilding and the Arts.

Filming at the British Psychological Society

Filming at the British Psychological Society

I’ve spent the last couple of days filming a small conference and set of seminars at the British Psychological Society in London.

This proved truly fascinating and the chair Professor Paul Grantham really brought this subject, solution focused brief therapy, to life. I briefly studied some neuroscience as part of my undergraduate degree in cybernetics and AI, but this is the first time I’ve really been engaged with academics in the field of psychology.

What was really special about this filming work though was that it was part of a live webcast. The platform used, Oli Gaffikin’s Global Podium, is a great piece of kit! It’s not just a very robust video streaming service, but it really places remote participants in the heart of the seminar environment by means of a parallel stream for additional material, slides, videos etc… Remote participants can interact with their in-situ peers through a specialised messaging service.

Filming and photography at Field Day 2016

Filming and photography at Field Day 2016

I was extremely privileged to have worked on the main stage of Field Day 2016 in London this year.
Myself and Mikey from The People Speak shot video and photographs of main stage performers The Mysterys with Doug Hream Blunt.

It was quite an experience being amongst 25 stage performers whilst thousands of people clapped and cheered. We’ll have some exciting photos and a documentary to share with you shortly.

Documentary filming for You Me Bum Bum Train

Although details on this are top secret I can say I’ve had an incredible opportunity to film a production known as You Me Bum Bum Train. This immersive theatre piece catapults audience members one at a time through an incredible journey.

I went through this experience filming  the journey of a ‘passenger’ and also shot some short interviews with some of the amazing volunteers who worked on this ground-breaking production.

The producers are putting together a documentary using my footage but I can’t say yet whether this will become available to the public so watch this space.

Learn more about You Me Bum Bum Train.

You Have Been Upgraded

You Have Been Upgraded was a festival of human enhancement held at the Science Museum in March 2015. The festival transformed part of the Museum into a futuristic expo of biotechnology, featuring a mix of scientists, experts, artists and a bold theatrical performance.

Created by the Science Museum in collaboration with Unlimited Theatre, You Have Been Upgraded imagined a world where biotechnologists were elevated to rock star status by a new mega-company. Festival visitors entered a world where the boundaries of what it means to ‘be a normal human’ are broad, flexible and highly personal.

I commissioned and oversaw production of this short film made by Chocolate Films.