Hand carved ‘rustic’ dolls house furniture

I miss wood carving and one of my niece’s birthdays was coming up, so I decided to knock out some furniture for her dolls’ house.
It’s a set of table and chairs carve from wood I found in a local woodland. Check out the gallery.

First I cut a relatively branch to size, there was a thick but for the table and a thin bit for the chairs. There wasn’t quite enough good quality wood for four chairs so I found another suitable bit for the fourth, though it’s a different wood, but my niece won’t care.

The table is straightforward, just a 1cm section of the thick branch with a 1.5cm section of the thin branch for its pillar. I sanded at every stage to make sure the pieces would glue together well. Each chair is slightly different due to the organic nature of the wood, which I quite like, it gives the set a rustic, earthy almost medieval feel. These were simple vertical cuts with a lateral cut for the seat. After a lot of sanding off any splinters and rough or sharp edges I used spray varnish to get a nice even coat then finished up with lacquer spray to make it resistant to a three year old!

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