Octopus Labs Careers Photos

Octopus Labs (an arm of Octopus Finance) brought me into their lively vibrant offices to capture what it’s like to be part of their team. The shoot allowed me to meet many of the staff and work with them to photograph a range of scenes typical of a working day there. It’s a colourful and well lit environment so was easy to steer clear of anything overtly corporate. Originally posted here.

East, West and Global Souls with Elif Shafak

This August I was honoured to spend an evening filming a talk by the award-winning Turkish novelist and public intellectual Elif Shafak. The evening was organised by CARAVAN, an East-West peacebuilding celebration of art and thought. The evening included a lecture, conversation and audience Q&A, Elif focused on building bridges, not walls. Elif Shafak was also awarded the first CARAVAN Award for Peacebuilding and the Arts.

Talkaoke at Imperial Science Festival 2017

The People Speak returned to Imperial Science Festival in May 2017. This time with a slightly younger audience we talked about time travel, how you can change the world and what can be done about Donald Trump? Mikey and I co-hosted the discussion and we went to some strange and peculiar places, even by our standards!

Talkaoke at Hackstock / Sci-fi London 2017

Hosting a talk show at an event like Hackstock is always going to be interesting. The discussions are vibrant and bonkers with ideas coming at you from all directions. From virtual reality to science fiction, hallucinogens, existentialism, politics, art, science, all areas of philosophy, spirituality and technology, we went there…

There was even a special guest appearance by some members of Kraftwerk!